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About Us
About Us

About Us

The founders of Marvid International began business with pelican in 1992, originally as a sub-contractor for the assembly of flashlights.

In 1998, on the recommendation of Pelican’s senior management they decided to leverage on their combined knowledge and experiences in wholesale & retail business to set up Marvid International for the purpose of distributing Pelican products in Singapore.

Within a year, Marvid had successfully established a wide database of customers covering the government, industrial, commercial and retail sectors. in 2001, Marvid international was incorporated as Marvid International PTE LTD.

Over the years, Marvid has established itself as a specialized company with customized design and manufacturing capabilities catered to various industries across all demographics. Its key customers include aviation, the military, law enforcement, fire departments, search & rescue, air-force, navy, packaging, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, broadcast, photography & outdoor etc..

Today, through its collaborations with renowned manufacturers. Marvid has expanded its business to include sustainable travel products under the widely popular Vox label sold on-line directly to customers and ship out of its own warehouse & fulfilment centres wordwide.


 Marvid International has already established itself as a company associated with high quality and durable products that last.

Our commitment to sustainability is further enhanced through our constant pursuit of making the best sustainable travel products either through the use of recycled materials or durable materials coupled with advanced engineering and state of the art designs. Our latest Vox Voyage Box range of luggage made of RPET and Magnesium Aluminium are highly popular and will eventually overtake any non-sustainable luggage in popularity both aesthetically and in overall build quality.

We will strive to further focus on sustainability and create additional RPET, Aluminium Alloy luggage & travel product for the future. We will work towards advertising our sustainable range of travel products and commit our resources into R&D to further develop these products to be more attractive and lasting. 

Our employees will also be trained to educate and promote the benefits of sustainable luggage over the conventional range to continuously increase our eco-friendly business practices. 

Working towards these long term targets will set us up for subsequent improvements to our sustainability, but we do not aim to stop there. It is our goal to protect our environment and preserve the longevity of our planet by continuously collaborating with our suppliers to be aligned with our decarbonization efforts and further scale into more innovative materials and recycling/ sustainable technologies when they are developed.